New Insights on Gun Policy in America

Updated: May 25

RAND's Gun Policy in America initiative aims to establish a shared set of facts about gun policies. Recently, it completed an update and expansion of its synthesis of all available scientific evidence on the effects of 18 classes of gun laws.

Illustration by Chara Williams/Images by Adobe Stock and Getty Images

"New Research Provides Stronger Evidence for the Effects of Stand-Your-Ground Laws and Waiting Periods"

Four new studies on stand-your-ground laws provided supportive evidence—our strongest evidence rating—that such laws are associated with an increase in firearm homicides, and moderate evidence—the second highest rating—that they may increase total homicides.

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"Evidence Gaps Persist for Many Types of Gun Laws

Despite the increase in firearm-related research studies—this latest review found 123 more that met our criteria, almost double the number from 2018—we still lack robust evidence for the effects of several types of commonly-proposed gun laws

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