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Designed to Save & Protect Lives


Our Mission

Our mission is about the safety and the surrounding community. We believe that whatever the reasons, going to work, hanging out with friends, whether you're traveling seeking different cultures, or facing the thrill of the unknown, we create intelligently designed product with benefits that focus on one goal - TO SAVE LIVES!.

Our Story

Whether the need for new clothing or to have the perfect fit, or altering the current wardrobe, or looking for a designer wardrobe enhance with innovative technology we strive to make one’s look their best.

MEET Doo Aquino


Founder, Doo Kalmanson Aquino a fashion designer and Phillip Cabrales Kalmanson a physicist created a brand of wearable tech focused on what we believe matters most: " TO SAVE LIVES "

 The idea was to develop high end ready to wear concealable protective apparel enhanced with the elements that translate to being body armor without being so bulky. One of the main challenges of designing lies in the technical limitations of incorporating into a regular garment.


The task also was also to prove it is profitability and feasible to produce. By procuring and obtaining parts from different suppliers, such as fabrics, trims, combine with ballistic resistant material, we are able to develop, assemble and tested a number of units with a positive outcome.

From the test results all have been favorable and provides the confidence necessary to move forward with the concept.

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Fashion Manuscript-Wearable Tech
Ready to Wear Tech-Fashion
Fashion Manuscript-Wearable Tech
Fashion Manuscript-Wearable Tech
Fashion Manuscript-Wearable Tech
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