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Shopping Mall- Designer Body Armor
Dress Coat -Men's Body Armor-Doo Aquino

Ready to Wear - Body Armor 

Designed to Save & Protect Lives from the Elements

The Collection

Advantages, our patented approved garment function in several ways: 

a) It works as an ordinary garment that can be worn in the work place, attend conference meetings, wear it for traveling or other purposes.


b) If you think you are in danger, just simply insert the modular ballistic protection the garment itself has a built in carrier, integrated, design to conceal protection - an innovative new design of body armor it actually improves personal protection even better - its makes you feel safer than they were before.them highly desirable as possessions.

Denim Jacket-Body Armor Fashion-D'Aquino

TRAVEL WEAR - Men's Denim Jacket Cotton

Mud Cloth  Fabrics - Men's Body Armor

STREET WEAR - Men's Denim Jacket Mud Cloth

Scott Tuddenham-Hoodie's in SOHO-Body Armor

CASUAL WEAR - Men's Velvet Hoodie

Two Piece - Vest-Skirt -Female Body Armor Fashion

CONTEMPORARY - Women's Two Piece Vest/Skirt

Women's Suit in SILK -Female Body Armor

CLASSIC - Women's 3/4" Sleeve Silk Jacket

CUSTOM MADE -Personal Protection

Scott Tuddenham Fitting Men's Body Armor


Detective Fashion- Female Designer Body Armor

We are an e-commerce online driven retailer company that brings together world-class solutions.Our company was born out of love & passion by integrating fashion & technology continuously redefining, reinventing, reshaping innovating the industry leaving behind old fashioned restrictions

  • This caters to individuals working in high-risk professions like civilians, law enforcement, judges, journalist, entertainment, security, or educators, school officials, or those seeking personal protection from the elements.

What We Do

Design - Manufacture - Innovate


Clothing is going to be your last — and only — line of defense against anything you could face, so it’s crucial to plan accordingly because for us, it will always be personal. 

( AND )

Beware of “Counterfeit products not only attack the name and value of a known business, but, in many cases, can cause harmful, and sometimes fatal, consequences for the unsuspecting buyer they present to, to public safety, public health and are not made to the specifications of the original manufacturer.

In the Event

Start every day by thinking of how you can keep yourself and others safe. 
Beware of your surroundings and what’s happening around you at all times. Don't presume changes in your surroundings are innocent or fine.This includes being aware of the people around you and your surroundings.


Have the courage to do the right thing and never tolerate unsafe behavior, build a positive relationships and make responsible decisions at work, home or leisure

Be the Trend

Keep an Eye Out Of  Your Surroundings  & Stay Up To Date

Our Mission is About Safety and the Surrounding Community.There's always new things on the horizon.With fashion trends constantly changing it’s best to stay ahead of the game by organizing exactly where you are going. When you're street smart, you know your way around, you know how to handle yourself in tough situations, and you're able to "read" people. If you find yourself wanting to stay afloat in your surrounding we’ve got you covered

What We Do- Designer Body Armor

Our Focus Areas

Sectors from sources across the web

Caring for the Community. We bring our expertise to another level, realigning it’s industry future and redefining what is possible in a constantly changing environment.

House of Worship

What to Wear - Etiquette-Dress Code

Like much of society, house of worship has gotten more casual in recent years. However, in the end, house of worship is not about what you wear but about finding God.


People shouldn't feel like they have to stay away from it because of an unwritten dress code with maybe a handful of denominations that are exceptions to that rule when they don't have the financial means to dress up or don't like to dress that way. That said, be smart with what you are wearing a modest look, one that does not call attention to ourselves, is best.

House of Worship- Concealable Body Armor Fashion


Back to School

School Campus can feel a little intimidating, especially if this is your first time visiting. In order to keep your nerves under control and learn as much about each institution as possible it is important to plan ahead in advance and prepare any situation may come your way.

Do: Repurpose Outfits
Do:Prioritize your homework
Do: Prioritize your surrounding
Don’t: Forget to Check the Weather
Don’t forget dont talk to strangers

Nightclubs- Concealable Body Armor Fashion
Classroom- Wearing Concealable Body Armor Fashion

Campus Safety

Families should understand how a school handles criminal activity, prepares for emergencies and takes steps toward education and prevention to reduce threats, campus safety learn about the crime rates – including racial profiling, homicides, sexual assault and hate crimes


Universities- Concealable Body Armor Fashion

Safety Procedures

Be aware of your surroundings develop workplace violence prevention plans such as any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site. It ranges from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults It can affect and involve employees, clients, customers and visitors.


Work Place- Concealable Body Armor Fashion


Dress to Impress - NIGHTCLUBS


- Always check the dress code before heading to a club.

- Wear a light coat so you don’t have to deal with coat check. 

- Tailor your look to the venue, as this will ensure the doorman lets you in and you feel confident walking into the venue

- Don’t be afraid to show off your assets. Think about the parts of

the body you like or feel proud of and don’t mind showing off.


Lounge Bar - Concealable Body Armor Fashion
Detective Fashion - Gilet pare-balles de créateur

 I appreciate how instead of attacking gun owners and trying to ban firearms, you came up with a reasonable and respectful solution to a problem. I really like that you don't blatantly demonize gun owners and instead come up with a common sense solution.

​Ryan Schneider

Sussex, Wis

 I’m a teacher and honestly scared for my life. Willing to make an investment in your product to give me peace of mind. I will be in NYC on Tuesday and Wednesday. Is your showroom by appointment only? 

New Rochelle

 We are a village in Israel 35 km from Gaza that after October 7 please understand that we are all volunteers and need to be ready to protect our village by ourselves. We looking to buy vest to be ready to fight. 

Need I say more.

Airel Rotband


Body Armor-Innovation-Body Armor
Doo Aquino-Ready to Wear Tech-Body Armor

Design Trendy

Every design created assembled in-house right here in NYC. We have put the experience and know-how's from working with major brands partners such as Honeywell ( ballistic fabric ) to AI smart fabrics and the push for sustainability on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Body Armor-How They Are Made-Doo Aquino
Mood Board Design-Ready to Wear Tech-Body Armor


We focus on design details, silhouette, customization & advance fabrication (protection). Our innovative two and three dimensional patent approved garments take them beyond the traditional realm of body armor bringing out the principles of modern classic and into the future of fashion.

Patent Approved-Body Armor-Doo Aquino
Body Armor-Patent Approved-Doo Aquino


Each ballistic layer panel PLANAR / NON PLANAR is shapely contoured crafted - assembled in over so many steps. It’s not the easiest or cheapest method, but we’re committed to basic classic construction techniques that stand the test of time.


        # US 10,094,640 B2 

        # US 8,555,412 B2

        # US 9,513,090 B2

        # US 9,513,089,B2

Designed to Save & Protect Lives-Doo Aquino
Bullet Comparison-Body Armor-Doo Aquino


" to stop someone from dying or being killed."

30-06 rifle rounds to break most bulletproof glass panes. While high-powered handguns, like a . 44 magnum or a . 45, are more powerful than smaller handgun calibers, even these can't match the power of a rifle.

Sleeveless Vest -Body Armor in New York
Women of Color -Wearing Fashionable Body Armor
Custom Made=Men's Body Armor-Fashion
Contemporary -Women's Fashionable Body Armor

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The Different Sections Of Body Armor?

Flexible Soft Body armor is made up of several different sections. At its most basic level, a vest will have two to five protective panels, contained within the vest carrier itself which are worn across the chest and back, or side front, side back and or center front. These protective panels are what provides the protection for the wearer, without them inserted, the vest is simply that, a normal vest.

Minerals and Stones
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745 5th Avenue STE 500

New York NY 10151


Designer Body Armor-745 5th Ave. NY,NY 10151
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  U.S. Laws we  do run a  background checks , If you knowingly buy body armor  or buy it for someone with a convicted felony, you could end up in jail for your actions.

© 2024  Doo Aquino LLC. It is the SOLE responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all transactions conform to U.S. Local, Federal & State

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