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About Us

Our mission is about the safety and the surrounding community. We believe that whatever the reasons, going to work, hanging out with friends, whether you're traveling seeking different cultures, or facing the thrill of the unknown, we create intelligently designed product with benefits that focus on one goal - TO SAVE LIVES!

Doo Aquino- Body Armor
Doo Aquino-Ready to Wear Tech
Body Armor-Fabrication Seasonal
7th Avenue NY Fashion-Wearable Tech

Founded in 2014, is one of the leading online E-Commerce for Men’s , Women’s tailored clothing in personal protection. We offer customer the complete freedom to personalize their clothing apparel by choosing from a wide range of customization options,  such as fabrications, protection,technology,sizes, design and styles.

“ Whether the need for new clothing to have the perfect fit, or altering the  current wardrobe, or looking for a designer  wardrobe enhance with innovative technology we strive to make one’s look their best ”.


Our History



Our story begins with a simple desire to " Save Lives" !

Discover the origin, including the invention , a new generation of Women's 3D-Body Armor and the evolution of our signature Ready to Wear - Body Armor.

HOW IT STARTED - a closer look.

Founder, Doo Kalmanson Aquino a fashion designer and Phillip Cabrales Kalmanson a physicist quit their job and drained their savings account to create a brand focused on what we believe matters most: " TO SAVE LIVES "

 The idea was to develop high end ready to wear concealable protective apparel enhanced with the elements that translate to being body armor without being so bulky. One of the main challenges of designing lies in the technical limitations of incorporating into a regular garment. The task also was also to prove it is profitability and feasible to produce. By procuring and obtaining parts from different suppliers, such as fabrics, trims, combine with ballistic resistant material, we are able to develop, assemble and tested a number of units with a positive outcome.

From the test results all have been favorable and provides the confidence necessary to move forward with the concept



Doo Aquino & Phillip Kalmanson
Prototype -Body Armor


Design Sketches, Tech. Specs and Pattern Block was created to

make the garment as .....

  - Less Bulky

  - Decrease Weight

  - Increase Effectiveness / Mobility

  - More Upper Torso Body Coverage 

  - Highest Level - Ballistic Standard Threat Protection

  - Better Fit - Contoured to Men's / Women's Body Shape

  - Design Seasonal - Stylish and Functional

  - Ballistic Protection - Modular

  - and more....


Design concepts with different style variations was created finding compatible fabrications, align with garment constructions, style, fit and silhouettes from vest, to hoodies , to jackets , dresses and more, we want you to look best.

Aanandi Aquino- Ready to Wear Body Armor
Patent Approved  2018



Application Submitted 



        # US 9,513,090 B2, 

        # US 9,513,089 B2 

        # US  2014 / 0013495 A1


Our Product- BRAND

YES, we spent many YEARS, MONTHS, WEEKS, DAYS, HOURS MINUTES, SECONDS ,researching and testing before figuring out that it was possible to make the wearable technology we wanted people to WEAR – at style, prices, comfort everyone would want to wear them.


Then suddenly  Ready to Wear - was  BORN the innovation developed to serve the needs of men, women in the military, law enforcements and civilians.

Doo Aquino & Aanandi Aquino-Body Armor
High / Low Body Armor Dress

Our Model

We only sell directly to you online so you don’t pay middlemen any markups. That means you get top-quality products design for men’s, women’s ,children’s wear and law enforcements.


The unmatched quality, style, versatility and aesthetics of our innovative two and three dimensional approved patented garments take them beyond the traditional realm of body armor and into the future of fashion. Made in New York. 


It takes an entire team of artisans and over countless steps and hours from design, fabric & trims sourcing, cutting, sewing, fitting to make a garment. See a handful of the steps required to make a  Ready to Wear Body Armor below.

Our Process-Prototype
Designer Fabrics

Designer Fabrics

What a perfect way to mix and match fabrics from season to season whether it is cotton, wool, denim, etc.

Countless Prototype

Countless Prototype

Style, Fit, Image is Everything ! It is important to us

Hand Sewn !

Hand Sewn !

Sewn in the basement, constantly figuring out the best way re-designing and working with patterns, materials, tools, sewing and finishing techniques.

Honeywell Ballistic

Honeywell Ballistic

Is lighter weight, provides an excellent comfort and flexibility for prolonged wear, less blunt trauma, reduced thickness, and greatly increases ballistic stopping capability your image.

Field Testing

Field Testing

Shooting actual garments, or just ballistic layers against penetration and blunt trauma protection.

Tested Results

Tested Results

We are in the forefront of TESTING - NIJT standards for three dimensional shape design specifically for women's.

Vest-Body Armor

Vest-Body Armor

The Body Armor of Tomorrow


The most stylish, comfortable, high-quality, and honestly-priced life saving body armor apparel on the market design for women.

Detectives Body Armor
Every design created assembled in-house right here in NYC. We have put the experience and know-how's from working with major brands partners such as Honeywell, Milliken fabrics and others into every project we do with the very best.
Body Armor-Aanandi Aquino_edited
Body Armor-Aanandi Aquino_edited

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Women's Body Armor
Women's Body Armor

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Women's Body Armor Classic Vest
Women's Body Armor Classic Vest

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Body Armor-Aanandi Aquino_edited
Body Armor-Aanandi Aquino_edited

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Vest Jacket -Ready to Wear Body Armor
Each panel layer is shapely crafted - assembled in over so many handmade steps. It’s not the easiest or cheapest method, but we’re committed to classic construction techniques that stand the test of time.


Focus on design details, advance fabrication (protection), silhouette, design customization. It's principles of its modern classic the unmatched quality, style, versatility and aesthetics of our innovative two and three dimensional approved patented garments take them beyond the traditional realm of body armor and into the future of fashion.

Ready to Wear Tech-Fashion
Fashion Manuscript-Wearable Tech
Fashion Manuscript-Wearable Tech
Fashion Manuscript-Wearable Tech
Fashion Manuscript-Wearable Tech

Leadership For Innovation

We  strive to  learn how to create an organizational climate where others apply innovative thinking

to solve problems , find solutions and develop new ideas, new products and services. The need to learn,

adapt and respond  and operate in a challenge unpredictable circumstances. 

It is about growing a culture of innovation, not just hiring a few creative outliers. We ask ourselves,

how we can help others  to think differently and work in new ways  when face such challenges? 

What can be done to innovate when all resources are stressed and constrained?  

How to  stay alive and stay ahead of the competition?


“  We know innovation is part of the answer. But how do we do it?”



​For promotional and business collaborations,  or for any personal questions, you can reach us here: 


drop us a line 


To make an appointments,just simply give us a call:


745 5th Ave Body Armor NYC

New York , NY 10151

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