CHEST - With your arms at your sides , take a deep breath and measure around your upper body  under your arm and over the fullest part of chest  and shoulder blades, keeping tape parallel with added ease for comfort by slipping a finger tip inside of tape.

WAIST - Measure your natural waist circumference parallel to your belly button with added ease for comfort by slipping a finger tip inside of tape.

LOW HIPS - Using your waist as guide,  measure 9 “ down to the fullest part of your hips with added ease for comfort by slipping a finger tip inside of tape.

SLEEVE- Start at the center of the back of your neck and measure across the shoulder, down  to elbow , bent elbow 45 degrees angle, then down to wrist

To Most Body Silhouettes.


Ordering the right size is very important for you, as well as for us. We want your new purchase to fit well the first time. All of our products are cut true to size for a worry-free fit, unless otherwise stated. However, when purchasing Casual Jackets, Vests, Hooded Tops, Shirts, Dress Coats, or Leisure Jackets please be aware that our patented integrated carrier shell are designed to be semi-fitted, design to deliver comfort  in order to better protect the upper torso  in the event of an unexpected blunt trauma from a handgun.


In the interest of accuracy and consistency, our sizing is always based on an actual body flesh measurement.

There is absolutely no consistency at all in sizing from one manufacturer to another


When choosing your size please refer to body FLESH. We added EASE to ballistic panels, carrier shell and outer shell to give you more flexibility and comfort.



Our three dimensional insert may feel stiff or rigid . EASE is added it allows you to breathe easily and comfortably, the panels is semi-fitted and each multiple layers are loosely draped within. Ballistic materials will learn to accommodate to your particular shape.



Our three dimensional bust shape  pockets comfortably fit to shape into the built-in curves of the ballistic panels. Side coverage is adjustable and size width circumference is added with EASE providing flexibility and comfort to your contoured shape. Pocket is constructed to conceal the ballistic material accommodating most size cup.



Our bust shape is three dimensional. Garment shell circumference is semi-fitted and loosely draped over the shape of the carrier shell and the ballistic panels neither loose nor overly tight.


As our innovative garments can be worn in urban environment as HIGH FASHION, it is their credibility as defense instruments that make them highly desirable as possessions the clothes itself is design to function make them even better safer than they were before.



With different size systems and measuring units in different countries and regions, buying clothes in foreign shops or of foreign stores makes can be extremely difficult. The inches, centimeters or ordinary clothing sizes for example jackets, hoodies, or vests you are used to may not apply to your new favorite brand, and if you're not careful you might end up with something way too wide or too short.