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The Body Armor of Tomorrow

An  UNOBTRUSIVE high fashion life saving technology, that is stylish, lightweight, less bulky, comfortable to wear design to conceal protection from the elements made for men, women, children and law enforcements

Let's Find The Best Style for You


Fashion has always embraced technological innovation


Fashion has always been at the forefront of innovation — from the invention of ready to wear body armor the clothes design to conceal protection, ready to wear tech. and AI, a smart electronic devices can be incorporated into clothing,VR mirrors in dressing rooms, AI algorithms that predict style trends and an array of other technological innovations automating, personalizing, and speeding up the fashion space.


Clothing is going to be your last — and only — line of defense against anything you could face, so it’s crucial to plan accordingly because for us, it will always be personal. 

( AND )

Beware of “Counterfeit products not only attack the name and value of a known business, but, in many cases, can cause harmful, and sometimes fatal, consequences for the unsuspecting buyer they present to, to public safety, public health and are not made to the specifications of the original manufacturer.

In the Event

Start every day by thinking of how you can keep yourself and others safe. 
Beware of your surroundings and what’s happening around you at all times. Don't presume changes in your surroundings are innocent or fine.This includes being aware of the people around you and your surroundings.


Have the courage to do the right thing and never tolerate unsafe behavior, build a positive relationships and make responsible decisions at work, home or leisure.



TRAVELING - what to Wear - If you think you are in danger, just simply insert the modular ballistic  protection into the built in carrier.


  • How to Dress - It works as an ordinary garment that can be worn in the work place, attend conference meetings, wear it for traveling or other purposes.

Wearable Tech


  • A modular body-worn cameras (BWCs) small devices that record interactions to demonstrate transparency, observations, behaviors, that can be beneficial, documenting an event from two different perspectives.

Keep an Eye Out Of Your Surroundings  & Stay Up To Date


Our Mission is About the Safety and the Surrounding Community.There's always new things on the horizon.With fashion trends constantly changing it’s best to stay ahead of the game by organizing exactly where you are going. When you're street smart, you know your way around, you know how to handle yourself in tough situations, and you're able to "read" people. If you find yourself wanting to stay afloat in your surrounding we’ve got you covered

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Shopping Mall

How to Dress - Shop till you Drop 

Going to the mall isn't all about shopping—it's also about showing off your super-cute look! Whether you live in Florida, California,Colorado or Boston, steal these real-peace of mind outfit ideas to look cute and comfy while window shopping.

Wear neutral colors. Wear colors that will match with anything you try on so that you can more easily envision yourself in the clothes you try on.

F A S H I O N 


Like tech, fashion is forward-looking and cyclical. Wearables are a commonplace now and this upcoming decades just confirmed our world’s obsession with both tech and fashion. New trends of multifunctional designs, responsive sportswear, smart clothing, wearable spaces to name a few…….

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What  We Do


Design - Manufacture - Innovate

We are an e-commerce online driven retailer company that brings together world-class solutions.Our company was born out of love by integrating fashion & technology continuously redefining, reinventing, reshaping innovating the industry leaving behind old fashioned restrictions.

As our innovative garments can be worn in urban environment as HIGH FASHION, it is their credibility as defense instruments that make them highly desirable as possessions.

Doo Aquino’s  fashion brands have all been a part of this new movement showcasing on a unique approach to style bringing creativity to every collections – not just artful design, but trend-setting technology itself.


We focus on design details, silhouette, customization & advance fabrication (protection). Our innovative two and three dimensional patent approved garments take them beyond the traditional realm of body armor bringing out the principles of modern classic and into the future of fashion.

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Each ballistic layer panel PLANAR / NON PLANAR is shapely contoured crafted - assembled in over so many steps. It’s not the easiest or cheapest method, but we’re committed to basic classic construction techniques that stand the test of time.



        # US 10,094,640 B2 

        # US 8,555,412 B2

        # US 9,513,090 B2

        # US 9,513,089,B2

Design Trendy

Every design created assembled in-house right here in NYC. We have put the experience and know-how's from working with major brands partners such as Honeywell ( ballistic fabric ) to AI smart fabrics and the push for sustainability on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Ready to Wear Tech-Doo Aquino

Let's Find Your Best Protection


The Different Sections Of Body Armor?

Body armor is made up of several different sections. At its most basic level, a vest will have two to five protective panels, contained within the vest carrier itself which are worn across the chest and back, or side front, side back and or center front. These protective panels are what provides the protection for the wearer, without them inserted the vest is simply that, a normal vest.

Carrier Shell

PLANAR - two dimensional upper body torso design for men’s body shape

NON PLANAR- three dimensional upper body torso contoured design for women’s body shape

Gold Flex-Ballistic Fabric

Gold Flex is lighter than woven Kevlar, Twaron and other material.When an object strikes this material a "web" of its clusters absorb the impact by a good percentage and minimizes penetration and offers superior bullet resistant protection.